Mum’s The Word

This post is largely addressed to my Mum. As one of my closest and most supportive, er, supporters, I’m fairly sure that the only medium she follows me on is this. This then, is a call for her to get over to YouTube and subscribe. You should too. I mean, if you want. No pressure.

So, Mum, you know that I do the vlog on YouTube? Of course you do. You watch it and give me positive, sometimes funny feedback. Well, there’s a new thing I’m doing. It’s mostly called ‘Tim Doesn’t Know Anything’ and I used to make it just for Instagram. I would get bored while out waiting for a client and amuse myself by making something that I thought was funny.

Somehow it’s become one of the most loved things I do. My two biggest fans are friends who moved to New York. I imagine them saying things like ‘Hey, I’m walking, here’ and then buying doughnuts and coffee. I’m hoping to visit them at the end of the year.¬†They recently told me that these short videos bring them joy when things get tough.

In line with this I’ll be posting a new Tim Doesn’t Know Anything at 5pm every Sunday. It’ll always be a minute long as that’s the maximum video length for Instagram. If you head over to YouTube and subscribe you’ll never miss a single one.

Mum, I love you. Thank you for being positive. Thank you for believing in the words that I say and the actions that I take towards my future.


Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

I think one the greatest difficulties we have as creative individuals, idealists or just people in the world, is the illusion created by publically successful people that thier fortune has come to them only through hard work, that they are just like you and me. I call this the Ethic Of Ease.

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