The Speed Of Light

I wavered on the title of this story. The linked PDF is entitled ‘Somebody I used To Be’. It’s an old one, my second, and if I’m honest, I now view it as naive.¬†Written in the first year of University, it fell out of me after that first bottle of wine.¬†I thought I’d created something beautiful. Continue reading “The Speed Of Light”


The End Of The Beginning

2017 has been year zero for the rest of my writing life. It has been the year that I got an editor, the year that I got a manager (and then lost her), the year that I started this blog, and it has been the year that I first started vlogging. Continue reading “The End Of The Beginning”

V Is For Valerie

I am addicted to stories. I need them.

The daily monotony and step by step that takes me back and forth to work, takes me to the supermarket, takes me to washing up and changing the bin isn’t enough. The process by which I robotically act these tasks comes from a mechanical part of me. Sometimes I’m able to zoom out and appraise the task; I can appreciate what I can do and how good I’ve become at it. In my experience this type of reflection comes just before a fall. It doesn’t work well to celebrate one’s prowess too much.

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The Big Light, The Small I Am

When we needed a bit more light in the sitting room, we’d ask ‘Can you put the big light on?’ We all have these family idioms. Peter Kay has made a good living saying these things to large audiences in town halls up and down the country.

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Great Vine

What makes a story? A beginning, middle, and end? Introduction, conflict, and resolution? Well, yes. Of course. But stories don’t always look like that. Sometimes the details are implied or even, the audience or reader just sort of forgives you the detail. What was the big disaster that led to the desperate landscape of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road? It was never specified.

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Post-Modern Life.

Post Modern. It’s a phrase most of us know in our spines. It’s like a furniture advert jingle or the basic layout of the McDonald’s menu. Sometimes I think I know exactly what it means and sometimes I have no idea why it even exists.

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Destination: Journey.

What do I believe in? I believe in 10,000 hours and consistency. I believe in good things coming to those who work and I believe that this process is going to be one thing at a time.

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