Local Hero

The Bristol Cable is a local paper in my home city of Bristol. Created using a cooperative model, it’s already pulled together nearly 2000 people.  Continue reading “Local Hero”


My Dear Fellow

When friends come to Bristol one of the first places I take them is Cabot tower. With panoramic views across the city it starts the visit not only with a climb, but more importantly, a wide eyed model-like experience of the surrounding area. Continue reading “My Dear Fellow”

Sir Real

Edouard Roditi was born in Paris in 1910. He wrote poetry, prose, and the short collection I’m reviewing here. He died in 1992 having been present and working as a translator at The Nurembuerg Trials, the drafting of the UN’s charter and at what was then known as the European Common Market. Continue reading “Sir Real”

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

I think one the greatest difficulties we have as creative individuals, idealists or just people in the world, is the illusion created by publically successful people that thier fortune has come to them only through hard work, that they are just like you and me. I call this the Ethic Of Ease.

Continue reading “Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These”