American English


I’d picked M up from Gatwick early on a Friday morning. The sun came up as he landed. I set the cruise to legal plus a little and we warped the hundred and fifty odd miles back to Bristol.

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R And R

There is no blog this week. There is no vlog this week. I’ve had some time off. Don’t be upset. Sometimes it’s best to let the field fall fallow for a time of regeneration.

I’ll speak to you next week. I promise.

Fantastic Bore


Started as an excited response to the news that a Batman VS Superman film was on its merry way into production, The Weekly Planet podcast comes from a jovial root of two grown men geeking out over comic book news. It’s fun; Nick Mason and James Clement being genuinely witty, switched on and often interesting presenters.

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Stand Up Guy


I’m not a fan of autobiography. As a genre I suspect it has fallen the way of reality television. We, as a culture, read these books not for insight into this person’s or that person’s craft. We do it so that we can spy on their possessions, be titillated by their encounters with other famous people.

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V Is For Valerie

I am addicted to stories. I need them.

The daily monotony and step by step that takes me back and forth to work, takes me to the supermarket, takes me to washing up and changing the bin isn’t enough. The process by which I robotically act these tasks comes from a mechanical part of me. Sometimes I’m able to zoom out and appraise the task; I can appreciate what I can do and how good I’ve become at it. In my experience this type of reflection comes just before a fall. It doesn’t work well to celebrate one’s prowess too much.

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The Big Light, The Small I Am

When we needed a bit more light in the sitting room, we’d ask ‘Can you put the big light on?’ We all have these family idioms. Peter Kay has made a good living saying these things to large audiences in town halls up and down the country.

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