Driving Time

In the UK, depending on who you talk to, views of the Soviet Union range from ‘that wasn’t proper Communism’ to ‘it was worse than Nazi Germany’ to ‘everybody was fed, everybody was housed, yes there were problems but…’. I’ve made these ‘quotes’ up, but over my time of swinging around the political spectrum, of talking to people from all sides of the left/right debate the USSR is hard to avoid. Continue reading “Driving Time”


My Dear Fellow

When friends come to Bristol one of the first places I take them is Cabot tower. With panoramic views across the city it starts the visit not only with a climb, but more importantly, a wide eyed model-like experience of the surrounding area. Continue reading “My Dear Fellow”

Sir Real

Edouard Roditi was born in Paris in 1910. He wrote poetry, prose, and the short collection I’m reviewing here. He died in 1992 having been present and working as a translator at The Nurembuerg Trials, the drafting of the UN’s charter and at what was then known as the European Common Market. Continue reading “Sir Real”

Shift Key

Shift Key was written well over a year ago and contains one or two references that are now thoroughly out of date. It was, however, fun to write. It was also a direct result of reading Reality Hunger. Remember, a story can be anything. It is fundamentally how we communicate. What story are you telling? Continue reading “Shift Key”

The End Of The Beginning

2017 has been year zero for the rest of my writing life. It has been the year that I got an editor, the year that I got a manager (and then lost her), the year that I started this blog, and it has been the year that I first started vlogging. Continue reading “The End Of The Beginning”


KJ bookended my time at University.  Constructed from various diary entries, The original piece was some 12,000 words long covering numerous selves and various scenes depicting time falling in on itself. I spent two months whittling it down to the roughly 1500 words you can now read.

Continue reading “KJ”