The Big Light, The Small I Am

When we needed a bit more light in the sitting room, we’d ask ‘Can you put the big light on?’ We all have these family idioms. Peter Kay has made a good living saying these things to large audiences in town halls up and down the country.

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Proper Pretention Prevents Poor Performance

The writing process:

  1. Write a sentence.
  2. Write another sentence.
  3. Repeat steps one and two.

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Great Vine

What makes a story? A beginning, middle, and end? Introduction, conflict, and resolution? Well, yes. Of course. But stories don’t always look like that. Sometimes the details are implied or even, the audience or reader just sort of forgives you the detail. What was the big disaster that led to the desperate landscape of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road? It was never specified.

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Post-Modern Life.

Post Modern. It’s a phrase most of us know in our spines. It’s like a furniture advert jingle or the basic layout of the McDonald’s menu. Sometimes I think I know exactly what it means and sometimes I have no idea why it even exists.

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Destination: Journey.

What do I believe in? I believe in 10,000 hours and consistency. I believe in good things coming to those who work and I believe that this process is going to be one thing at a time.

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The Imagination Of Art

Writing is long process. Most of it is hidden inside of you until, at the very last moment, you sit down and whatever it is that you’ve been thinking about rushes out of your fingers.

Then you edit.

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Desert Island Dictation

As part of the research for an upcoming short story I’ve had to listen to quite a lot of Desert Island Discs. From the off it seemed logical to transcribe one of the episodes to find the beats of the piece, the body of the story.

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