My Dear Fellow

When friends come to Bristol one of the first places I take them is Cabot tower. With panoramic views across the city it starts the visit not only with a climb, but more importantly, a wide eyed model-like experience of the surrounding area.

The day after the night before on my last birthday, I’d walked Kate and Jake (she’s an underwear designer, he develops computer games; between them they have my dream job…*) around Bristol and then up the one hundred or so steep stone steps to the top of Cabot Tower.

Jake pretended to hurl abuse at the people below, and between us we came up with an idea. This story is a development of that, told in a voice that had been talking at me inside of my skull for a number of weeks. I don’t doubt he’ll return again.

I finished My Dear Fellow relatively recently, but I already feel like it’s full of holes. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it. As always, the story is free. If you’d like to pay a little something towards it, and in turn towards future projects, check out my Patreon.

Read the PDF below via the hyperlinked text, scroll a bit further for the video.

My Dear Fellow


* I’m not sorry.


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