Reading 101

This blog is still new. It has no real direction or form. Also, this blog is bad. I mean, it’s bad like all of those bad writers blogs you’ve read. It’s bad in a ‘I’m-Not-Sure-What-I’m-Doing-But-Just-Bear-With-Me-Because-My-Thoughts-Are-PROFOUND-And-One-Day-When-I’m-Gone-You’ll-Realise-It-But-Hopefully-Before-Then.


It’s okay, though, because you’ve got to be rubbish at something before you can be good.

I’m going to show you some of the things that I think are great and show you some of the things I think should try harder. I’m also gonna start making videos for your eyeholes. They’re gonna be great, I know it.

At the moment, they are not great. So watch and get the laughs in early.

My first pick is an excerpt from Dave Eggers’ short story After I Was Thrown In The River And Before I Drowned. There are free, ripped versions of this story online which you can find easily. My request to you is do the man a solid and buy the collection.




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