You’re Fired.

Mad Men ran for seven seasons and featured ambiguous übermensch drinking their way through the day while making brilliant quips and wrestling with daily existential-class hangovers. Let’s call it late capitalism in short trousers.

Suffice to say, it would be impossible for me to overstate how much I love it. Full of brilliant observation and unsaid, unscripted narrative stubs it lets you do the work, but doesn’t demand anything of you. I have no idea how Matthew Wiener did it.

Typical of the Mad Men ethos are men and women who don’t always say the right thing, but always say it well. Quite apart from the lead character, Don Draper, episodes are mostly stolen by the dry, wry wit of Roger Sterling. You can find at least one good reel of his ‘wisdom’ on Youtube. For now, let’s just have his take on sacking an unpopular employee.


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